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turtle neck (three in one)

turtleneck - a piece of clothing perfect for Autumn - especially an English Autumn. A simple turtleneck may be an amazing base for any set - you can wear it in many different ways. Okay - now you are staring at me :) I remember my mum used to make me wear turtleneck when I was 5, maybe 7-years-old girl with two pigtails. Then I promised myself not to wear turtleneck. Never. Now, as I'm a woman - I feel like I got older and I'm considering different options. Here are come of my propositions to wear an amazing deep blue turtleneck:

office 1

office 1 przez karolinakleszyk z wykorzystaniem turtleneck tops

lunch 1

lunch 1 przez karolinakleszyk z wykorzystaniem ripped jeans

dance 1

Turtle neck dance 1 by karolinakleszyk featuring a turtle neck sweater

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