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my make up routine

my make up routine

my make up routine przez karolinakleszyk z wykorzystaniem calvin klein perfume

 My make up routine takes only 3 steps:
1- cover with my favourite foundation WAKE ME UP by Rimmel
you may ask why this one? So, I was looking for something with good coverage as I need to look perfect all day long.
another reason was the name, I'm rather an Owl person - usually I stay long in the evening, so sometimes lack of sleep is more visible on my face :(( Obviously, it's not everyday, when I go to sleep late, but no matter how short I sleep I can caunt on my foundation :)
2- curl. One of the simplest and best mascara ever. For everyday i need to look fresh and natural and mascara by Maybelline provides me this perfect coverage for my lashes without fake effect.
3- cK ONE - this unisex fragrance was supposed to be a gift for my fiance, BUT I liked it so much that I needed to find another one for him (GIVENCHY  π ) I use it everyday as it's a very fresh scent perfect for everyday use (I wonder how my boyfriend would wear it!?)

Zestaw ck ONE

autor: Kleszyk Karolina
AsystorSlim - I'm not lazy person, but I'm not fancy about sweating everyday. Also I got almost no time to visit gym... Yeah... I'm making excuses xp but hopefully this pills are magical and they will help me loosing weight xp [crossfingers]


[fruity] przez karolinakleszyk z wykorzystaniem beauty products

Pills are not enough. Eating fresh fruits is extremaly important!
Do I really have t explain taht fruits provides vitamines and microelements and they are good for our metabolism, not only digestion system but also metabolism on the cellular level, what means that our skin looks healtier and is glowing with vitality? NO? That obvious :)

[perfect eye]

[perfect eye] by karolinakleszyk featuring a black mascara

Perfect eye? Always a cat-eye :) the simplest thing to do, the most elegant. Perfect for any occassion.

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