wtorek, 27 listopada 2012

my wishlist 2012

What's on my wish list? This Year is spectacular for me - after a year of living together we got engaged :) My beloved boyfriend made me his Fiance. We moved to different part of the beautifull Oxford, I've got a job :) now we are preparing for Christmas and... I've got a huge problem to point what I would like to get as a Christmas gift... hmmm... what I'm currently thinking of is ombre hair dye. I would like to read Haruki Murakami Kafka on the Shore (I read it years ago - so, okay, I just love collectking books. Recently my fiance brought me flapjack bites - I'm soooooo in love with them <3 For Christmas Eve party I would like to wear simple black skirt - I regret not buying one in riverisland last time I was shoping v_v" what I find really nice is combining simple black skirt with peplum top, that may look awesome as far as I would wear black tights and high-heels. Have you tried new Lady Gaga fragrance? I'm so curious to try it! Last items are just what I was thinking about for a long time, but I will have to wait longer to get it - first: concealer set for my dark circles :( cover set - I like the one I've got, but still from time to time I'd like to change it to something else. And last: tattoo.. Okay, my biggest dream was and always will be tattoo a small painting palette behind my left ear.. But still I'm not brave enough to do it :P

So, now you know my wishlist, tell me something what you would like to find under Christmas Tree?

my wishlist 2012

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