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best of 2013

best of 2013

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Lights PL - Goulding Ellie za 19,99 zł | Muzyka

James Arthur - Arthur James za 40,49 zł | Muzyka

Greatest Hitz - Limp Bizkit za 38,49 zł | Muzyka

The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem za 37,99 zł | Muzyka

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czwartek, 26 grudnia 2013

Fight the shadow - Emeli Sande/Read about it

Fight the shadow - Emeli Sande/Read about it

Fight the shadow - Emeli Sande/Read about it przez karolinakleszyk z wykorzystaniem knit tops

You've got the light to fight the shadows
So stop hiding it away

First time I heard this song, I was crying. Seriously... This is tribute to my friend who I love... 
Person who is lost with feelings and emotions - I'm always with you <3


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poniedziałek, 5 sierpnia 2013

eminem style

eminem style

eminem style by karolinakleszyk featuring a combat trousers

Hi, Everyone! Today I want to present you my teenage crush. It's quite embarrassing, but when I turned 10 (yes, I was 10 when I was allowed to listen Eminem, mostly because I didn't understand what he was singing about...) I fell for Eminem.
First time I saw him in BRAVO magazine (#LOL), but first things first.
Well, all kids in my neighbourhood were listening either Britney Spears or The Kelly Familly, that was not in my style.
Reading Bravo I noticed amazing boysband The Backstreet Boys, which I still love :) I also noticed guy with bleached hair! WOW! That was  my style - totally edgy, loose clothes and rhythmic songs - best ever!
I started wearing like he did - I even asked my grandma to sew me a combo trousers!
Till age of 17! I was wearing this style!
I can say that I'm one of the most addicted people listening to Eminem.
When I've got bad mood
when I've got good mood
when jogging
when taking shower
any time
I'm always listening to his songs and I can always find a line for myself!

His past was not really happy, so when I wanted to release my anger or sadness I was always listening to his songs.
What is more, I always find his songs as a remedy for my broken heart, when I feel bullied or discriminated.

#throwbackmonday ?
I guess :)

Hope you've got amazing Monday :)

Cheers, Ed

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