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Today I would like to present you some of my inspirations. In previous post I showed you Russian Matrioshka, now I would like to promote Polish Folk. As I was born in Poland, I grew up with lots of Polish crafts. What i remember most was porcelain inspired by folklore.

Now I grew up, but still I've got strong feelings for decorations inspired by folklore. Recently I found amazing collection of porcelain. They are so amazing, I just have to share it with you!

InspirującyDom is an online gallery run by a close-knit people that make up the virtual space in a place full of warmth, kept in home atmosphere, characterized by an admixture of positive energy and a sence of humour. 

tea for one :)

a tea pot




milk jug



clock :)

Hope you will like Polish folklore and maybe you will find something for you or for your beloved ones in this amazing gallery Inspirujący Dom!


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