sobota, 25 kwietnia 2015

Manchester part one and two!

Hi Loves, I'm coming back after a looooong break, but it was not a lazy time for me. As some of you know I was working on some project and now, I can share bits and bobs about it. But to begin, I need to tell you about my recent trip to Manchester, UK. I live in one of the most beautiful cities I know - in Oxford and I'm truly devoted to this city. I thought this is the place I want to live, until I went to Manchester. As you remember I was visiting Manchester once in 2013, and I was not that positive about moving there. To be honest, I disliked this place. BUT, maybe it's because I'm in love or it's due to the spring time things has changed. I got this pleasure to visit this beautiful city for four days. I had a huge dilemma as it was Easter time and also, because I was suppose to meet my boyfriend's family.

What I decided to pack into my carry-on suitcase, you can see below:
Manchester spring break

Manchester spring break by karolinakleszyk featuring a short sleeve dress

Now as the project is in the final stage, I'm going to Manchester again and I'm more happy because now we will not only have more time together, but also, because we are both working on the same project.

More photos you can see on my fanpage or my facebook group Kleszyk-works and fireworks

The project I'm currently working on is called WSE - Wspólna Sprawa Emigracji (Common Cause of Emmigration) , which is directed to the young Polish talents in UK. We started our activity with an amazing rapper PERi

"Mam się dobrze" (From Polish "I am fine") is a the announcement of the next project of the young Polish artist in the UK. Created in hip-hop "underground" production of one of the main voices of the young generation. By many already called panegyrics of showing the the experiences and emotions of the daily struggle for survival. Peri, the author and leader of WSE, admits that the album is multidimensional personal aspect. "I am inspired by people, their emotions and different situations. Many times associated with them events "- said when asked the motives for creating this album, we can hear that some of the songs are addressed to individuals associated with his personal life. He says about himself straight stating that the much you can learn about it from the texts. His passion for hip hop started as he was a teenager, when he played in his hometown of following in the footsteps of his brother, also known in this environment.


The meetings and talks never end, so as the sponsors and our patrons in social media are happy to support our project in all fields. We are proud to announce that the new album will be released 29th May 2015 in Manchester. Copies would be available in Polish shops around Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool as well as in Coventry and Oxford, for all fans on WSE facebook fanpage we will have some nice gifts and surprises.

From this place I would like to express my appreciation to all the lovely and hard working people working in association with Wspólna Sprawa Emigracji. A huge applause to all of you ! 

 What will bring next visit in this amazing place, we don't know. I am full of hope that whatever will be in the future I will keep my mind and my heart open. 

Manchester 5days challange