poniedziałek, 17 grudnia 2012

Week before Christmas Eve

Ho ho ho! Here we go - last week before Christmas Eve, one of the most important day during whole year! We ' ve been Trynidadu to be nice and kind to other people. Now we are preparing ourselves for celebration.

What's on my checklist? Christmas shopping and wrapping Fifth for my family and relatives. I put a lot afford to make Christmas gifts looks wonderful. I love parking every little item into a beautiful paper, so all gifts look christmasy stunning. Another point on my list is preparing myself - I alwaus reserve one day to pamper myself - taking care of my hair and skin. What I also do is dying my hair.

I cannot omit buying proper clothes - I love fashion, so I spend a lot of time searching The internet for the perfect dress.

Next days I will spend decorating my house, preparing all dishes for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Now are You spending the last week before Christmas, or maybe  you are already prepared? Tell me in the Comment Section below :)