piątek, 24 sierpnia 2012

tropical island inspired look

What's more amazing that tropical island? Yeah - nothing! But What when you cannot afford spending hollidays there? Hmmm... There is always a solution :) There is a tropical island in the middle of Europe! Exactly near Berlin, DE.

 I took my inspiration from amazing Tropical Islands in Germany. I would like to spend there one weekend splashing water around and haveing rest. That is so amazing place, you can get there by car, by plane, by train. It's located near the capitol city of Germany so you can both enjoy your time in tropics and, if you want, sightsee one of the most impressive city in Europe :) here is a bunch of information from their official web page - enjoy!
~Europe's largest tropical holiday world~
Come in and discover the delights of Tropical Islands. Stroll along the sandy beach by the Tropical Sea, join an expedition through the Tropical Rainforest, experience some of the great attractions, relax in the Tropical Sauna & Spa Complex, taste the wonderful food and enjoy some first-class entertainment.
You will also find that we have various accommodation options for you. You can stay overnight either inside or directly outside the Tropical Islands Dome.


tropical island inspired look

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