wtorek, 28 sierpnia 2012

back to school

I prepared "back to school set. I was always waiting for this moment as I missed my school friends!

back to school

             Uhhhhhh... Summer is about to end and we are all preparing ourselves for school days :( But school is not boring at all, all depends on your attitude. Here are some hot tips for you:
- smile - this is your best accesory ever, it makes you more confident and friendly - it's the easiest way to make some friends;
- hold your head high and shoulders back - it's not only for your health, but also that helps you build your confidence, other people will find you friendly person and will feel more comfortable around you;
- be friendly to everyone - so you will get more friends :)

and remember less is more, don't try to make everything perfect, just chill and be yourself.

And here is some nails inspiration from Michelle Phan :) enjoy!

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  1. Cute set! I wish I could go back to school! I hate being an adult and having to live like a lady!!