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LOVE and the CITY - Vienna, Austria

Please be welcome to visit the amazing City of Vienna!
Recently I was able to spend there weeks, what gave me an opportunity to feel the vibre of this amazing copitol. What is more I could become part of the society - I spent a lot of time searching new inspirations.

LOVE and the CITY

Visiting Vienna is a great idea for all of you who love to spend time relaxing, but still staying in the city. How it's possible? It is said that Vienna is one of those cities with the best quality of living. The capital city of Austria is treating its tourists with huge variety of treasures - beginnig with lavish baroque buildings and modern architecture.

vienna - street fashion love in the city

vienna - street fashion love in the city przez karolinakleszyk z wykorzystaniem Agent Provocateur

Let's have a walk! 

If you would like to take your Beloved One for a walk I would reccomand Schoenbrunn Palace, with its beautiful gardens You will have amazing view for the city. You will see lots of incredible statues and monuments. When the weather is good and nature is waking up you will be able to try to get lost and found in labyrinth
or visit zoo in Schoenbrunn to see baby pandas!

Schoenbrunn Palace
Another place worth seeing is Albertina and Butterfly Palace. I was amazed with amazing exhibition MONET TO PICASSO. When you get tired you can take a short walk to Butterfly Palace, or get back to Sisi Museum and further to Graben Street

Butterfly House

The City of Vienna is well known of beautiful architecture. When I was walking around, I noticed that if there would be no cars or urban communication, the whole city would look like the time stopped there for decades!
Liechtenstein City Palace

Youth of Nation(s)
Vienna is the city of young people. I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with young people - students and young professionals. This is a multicultural society: you will see people from the whole globe living, working and being in this amazing city. There is an expression "wiener blut" which stands for the atmosphere of the city which seems to never sleep. What I noticed is that people wake up early to start the day with jogging or nordic walk - it's so popular, than reading newspapers they sit in local coffeeshops. Okay, I know I'm a burgeois and when I have a cup of coffe it's usually from Starbucks (here one on Shwedenplatz). It's really hard to explain this expression, and it's not only trying Sacher-Torte, having coffee or Mozart Liqueur, it's something more. It's like living the life of modern citizen in the historical place.

University of Vienna
It was not my first visit in Vienna, I was there for the first time as I was 8-years-old kid. I fell in love with this city. When I'm there I always go to The Vienna City Hall to admire beautifull architecture. During summer there are concerts organised on the square in front of the City Hall (Totally worth seeing and hearing!)

The Vienna City Hall

Opera in Vienna
My favourite places are Stadt Park - City Park, where I usually got for a whole day to read book; Prater - best place to have fun with friends and children.
There are couple of pubs with jazz music around the city, but it's always good if you will enter any of them to check out by yourself.

To get from one place to another - use underground, trams or... bicycles!

Street Art and Me
I spent almost three weeks in Vienna. I went there with problems with obesity. My priority was to start healty lifestyle. You may not know, byt people in Austria are very BIO-friendly. You canb find lots of products from local farms. I also started jogging!
Here are some photos I took while jogging:


And here a bunch of more photos I took:

hope you enjoyed this post :)

butterfly house:
Liechtenstein City Palace:
Schoenbrunn Palace
University of Vienna
The Vienna CityHall - Rathaus 
Opera in Vienna

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