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beauty review - nivea in-shower body moisturiser - NIVEA BOX

Hi, Have you ever thought about how important is to moisture your skin? Well, it's high time. Summer just arrived, and we all know that the best skin condition the longer sun tan will stay, AND the more glowing it will look. Well, I was just given some products from NIVEA (who don't remember classic navy tins with thick white cream, huh?) In my whole life I learnt about skin dehydration and how to avoid it. I just cannot leave my house without body lotion with at least SPF20 filter. My mum was always putting thick layers of NIVEA cream on my face and shoulders and always was repeating to never leave home without filters... Yup. Times changed, I'm all grown up and I still remember to protect my skin.

my summer nivea set

NIVEA happy time shower cream is one of my favourite products to keep my skin clean and fresh. I enjoy orange scent and the feeling after the shower. - nice fruity scent - leaves skin feeling soft and smooth - relax with every shower

NIVEA SUN INVISIBLE PROTECTION transparent spray SPF20 that's my first time using nivea sunscreen, I used to use different brands, but this one has very nice non-greasy texture and it stays very long on skin. I would recommend to use it more frequently if you are going to spend your day out. For my usage - I work in a building and I don't need this much protection, so for me SPF20 is enough. I spend whole day out playing volleyball, the formula is not greasy and it's not sticky.

NIVEA LIP BUTTER RASPBERRY ROSE I am so in love with this lip balm! It smells absolutely amazing and the taste is great too but not too strong. It leaves a subtle light pink/nude tint.  It's not sticky, but still it nourishes the lips and . I re-apply it often just because I LOVE the smell! What is more, skin on my hands is very demanding so I'm also using it on my hands :)

NIVEA IN-SHOWER BODY MOISTURISER "The skin conditioning formula is applied straight after cleansing in the shower and is rinsed off immediately to reveal soft and silky feeling skin. No need to wait, the formula is instantly absorbed into wet skin so you can dry yourself, get dressed and go!"
I'm very on the go person, so when I noticed new IN-SHOWER moisturiser I was very positive. I really like the concept of this product. I already used it once. As a Moisturisers' Fanatic I hope It will be perfect for a person like me. I usually finish work late and when I come home I'm just dreaming of taking quick shower. Anyway, it takes ages: take a shower, rinse foam, put skin conditioner, rinse lotion - ugh... I just used it three times and, unfortunately I had to use my regular body lotion :( Maybe it's just my skin, I'm working in air-conditioned place, my skin is very dry - I'm exfoliating it once a week, every day I'm putting my GARNIER Intensive 7 Days Daily Body Lotion with nourishing SHEA BUTTER for Dry to Extra Dry Skin, and once a week I use bronzing lotion EVELINE SLIM EXTREME 3D

I really love my summer set from nivea and I will use all my products. Unfortunately new NIVEA moisturiser is not what I expected, but anyway I will use it. It's not the product for my very dry skin, but it will help me to keep my skin hydrated, it may be a good base. It's very delicate balm you can use if you have some time, not for people on the go.

hope you enjoyed my post today!
Cheers, Ed

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