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summer preparations - earn your body pt. 1

summer preparations

summer preparations przez karolinakleszyk z wykorzystaniem nike tank tops


So I started my Super Skinny Adventure with size L (42-44 or 12-14).

No, that's not a good beggining. I used to be a nice-looking girl, maybe not perfect, but still I was wearing size S/M (6-8). A felt attrective and very sexy in this size. My weight was 53kg so it was about 120lbs with high of 163cm (5.34 feet). My BMI was 19,9.
When I begun thinking about starting a diet? OMG, my whole life is one big diet, it's based on starting one diet and gaining weight. To be honest, I don't like it. I used to have serious problems with my weight. They were caused by some dramatic moments in my life - I put on weight about 20kg in about 3-4 months. I looked like an elephant, seriously I was that big! In March 2011, after breaking up with my ex, I started diet. It was not very healthy. First months were worse than hell. I didn't give up. I started exercising. I was jogging twice a day 10km (so 20km in total), and I was riding a bike two hours in the evening. What is more I was exercising myself every time I got some spare time. So I was doing push-ups, like 1000+ per day, I've got even a 6pack after few months. My diet was based only on proteins. I was eating eggs, drinking milk, nothing more. I started freaking out when I decided to drink vinegar, taking pills to reduce feeling of hunger. It took me half year to notice my new "ghosty" look. With weight of 50, I was heading to underweight. I felt weak and transparent. Definitely not happy with myself. But still, I wanted to control mysely and my body. I was 20 years old and I wanted to die, I started feeling guilty of being so stupid, then another drama started. I was not able to help myself and I started cuting myself. I was doing a lot of things not to think about myself. I was good student, good daughter, good sister, but not good "ME"
I was not happy. Thanks God, I had amazing friends with me. They were supporting me, talking with me. They were wathing me, feeding me, cheching my wrists. They gave me so much support, I will never pay them back.

Unfortunately, I've got tendency to put on weight. Today I'm in the same point I was two years ago. Maybe it's because of genes, maybe it's because of being lazy - it doesn't matter now. I put on weight, and now I've got 84kg. Yeah, that's much and I don't like it.

I was looking for a good diet and I found out Dukan. Year ago I've lost 7kg on this diet. NOw I need something more radical. Since January I'm taking fitness classes in my local fitness centre. I have to loose about 20kg to look like I used to.
Fingers crossed for me.
Me now:
Age: 23
Heigh: 163cm (5,34 feet)
Weight: 84kg (185lbs)
BMI: 31,6
Lorenz's perfect weight*: 59,8kg
Broc's perfect weight*: 53,6kg

*according to my height

#1 - june 2013 - 65-70kg
#2 - august 2013 - 55kg

That's my last chance to save myself. No junk food, no sweets, no fizzy drinks.
Lots of fruits, veggies, diary products, water, exercising, chilli pills.

earn your body


I would like to show you list of  "food to help you lose weight"

1. Eggs
Eggs, which are full of protein, will help you feel fuller longer-a lot longer.
2. Beans
Beans keep blood sugar on an even keel, so you can stave off hunger longer
3. Green Tea
Green tea extract increases the burning of calories and fat
4. Pears
One 148 g pear contains 98 calories and provides 5 g of fiber, which is 20 percent of the daily suggested intake.
5. Lean beef
The amino acid leucine, which is abundant in proteins like meat and fish as well as in dairy products, can help you pare down while maintaining calorie-burning muscle.
6. Olive oil
Olive oil has healthy fat that increases satiety, taming your appetite.
7. Grapefruit
The fruit’s phytochemicals reduce insulin levels, a process that may force your body to convert calories into energy rather than flab.
8. Nuts
A study from Purdue University found that when a group of 15 normal-weight people added about 500 calories worth of peanuts to their regular diet, they consumed less at subsequent meals. The participants also revved up their resting metabolism by 11 percent, which means they burned more calories even when relaxing.
9. High-fiber cereal
Center and the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis tested the theory against the ultimate diet challenge: the buffet table. They gave 14 volunteers one of five cereals before sending them out to the smorgasbord. Those who’d had the highest-fiber cereal ate less than those who didn’t have as much fiber in the morning.
10. Almond butter
Adding this spread may lower bread’s glycemic index

Share this 10 types of food to help u lose weight with your friends.

For more info you can check this websites:

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